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A baby’s brain is a remarkable little creature forming more than a million neural connections every second when activated. Babies learn through spending time with their parents and other special people in their life. We’ve created Bobbie to show us all the emotions, thoughts and responses that happen in a child’s brain when a baby experiences meaningful moments. These meaningful moments, especially if they occur early in a child’s life and often, build strong brains, providing a strong foundation for their life.

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Attention and focus
Children make sense of their world and pay attention to what is happening around them through everyday activities. These Meaningful Moments help your child learn to focus, tune out distractions, remember the rules, and to stay engaged – important skills for life and learning.

Responding to emotions
Talking about feelings with your child in fun ways, helps them become more aware and accepting of emotions in themselves and others. These Meaningful Moments help you support your child to successfully manage their feelings and stay calm when feeling upset.

Relationships and communication
Conversations and word games spark connections in children’s brains – even when they’re still learning to talk. Encourage your child to learn the building blocks of language, literacy and getting along well with others with these Meaningful Moments. Back-and-forth activities like these also help strengthen the special bond between you.

Planning and routines
Everyday routines and rituals help your child feel safe and secure. Involving them in tasks such as shopping and housework builds a sense of responsibility. These Meaningful Moments also encourage your child to think about and plan for the future, set and reach goals, make decisions, and have a sense of purpose in what they do – important skills for school and life.

Taking on challenges
Interactive and hands-on activities help your child to be curious, think critically and ask questions as they observe the world around them. These Meaningful Moments also build your child’s imagination and their ability to use knowledge to make new connections. Such skills are essential for taking on life’s everyday challenges.