Planning and routines


Everyday routines and rituals help your child feel safe and secure. Involving them in tasks such as shopping and housework builds a sense of responsibility. These Meaningful Moments also encourage your child to think about and plan for the future, set and reach goals, make decisions, and have a sense of purpose in what they do — important skills for school and life.

Song Traditions
For ages 0 to 2
There are things we do every day. Sing the same songs at those moments to explain what you’re doing with your child. Examples could be leaving a room, finishing eating, or washing hands. What else do you do daily that you could sing about?
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Today We Are…
For ages 0 to 5
As you leave the house, talk to your child about the plans for the day. "We’re going to the shops to buy some food." Ask questions like, "What do you think we should we buy? Why?" Continue the conversation, "When we get home we’re going to cook this food for dinner!"
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Cleaning Together
For ages 1 to 2
Turn cleaning into a game. Give your child a clean, almost-dry sponge and ask them to help you wipe off a surface you’re cleaning. Ask them to wipe it clean in long lines from top to bottom. Then try making a zigzag. Then circles. See what they can think of, too!
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Home Moves
For ages 2 to 4
With your child, take turns giving directions like, "Hop to the room in the house where you brush your teeth" or "Tiptoe to the place where you sleep." Go back-and-forth coming up with ideas. Make it harder and include more steps, "Hop to where we eat and then crawl to the place where we cook."
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Bath Supplies
For ages 3 to 5
Before your child gets in the bath, encourage them to collect everything needed, like a towel and clean clothes. Give them hints if they seem to be forgetting anything. Do they want to bring anything to play with? Talk about their choices.
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Park Playlist
For ages 3 to 5
When you get to the park, make a list with your child of a few things they want to do: swing, slide, climb the jungle gym, and so on. Before you go home, pause to talk about these experiences and check those items off the list.
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Looking for more moments?

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