Behind the scenes


What happens when you ask the creatives in an advertising agency to show brain development?

Maybe not what you might expect.

The remarkable little creature in the television commercial represents a baby’s brain.

Everything baby does, baby’s brain does on an even bigger scale.

Bright Tomorrows Start Today brings the science of early childhood brain development to life to show us how meaningful moments build young brains.

Scientists say the way to help kids build healthy brain architecture is through “serve and return” interactions. A child reaches out for interaction (“serves”), and the caregiver responds (“returns”).

Positive interactions form the brain architecture of babies. This is the foundation for a child’s future health, learning and wellbeing.

It’s what makes our little creature light up.

Erin and Scott and their gorgeous twin boys are the other stars of our commercial. For them, these quality interactions are part of every day. 

Active young brains build bright futures.


Meet Erin and Rory

Mum and bub


Meet Richard Berney

Creative director, 303 Mullenlowe


Meet Derry Simpson

Campaign strategist